The CLEAR IDEAS framework has been developed by the award-winning Work Psychologist Dr Kamal Birdi as way of helping you to more effectively generate and implement new ideas. He has researched and worked with major organisations operating in private, public and voluntary sectors for over twenty years, and hundreds of people from all sorts of backgrounds have now learned to use the CLEAR IDEAS method. Evidence of impact shows that using the CLEAR IDEAS approach can really help participants to improve performance, maximize organizational outcomes and enhance value for money.

In the following webinar recorded for the ESRC Festival of Social Science 2020, Dr Birdi describes the research background behind the CLEAR IDEAS model and takes you through a practical explanation of how each of the CLEAR IDEAS steps works.

The CLEAR IDEAS process will help you solve any of your problems by taking you step-by-step through the different stages of its innovative solution development process. Pick a problem you have and the process will interactively help you:

– Systematically identify and prioritise major causes of the problem
– Generate lots of creative new solutions
– Assess the quality of your solutions
– Generate strategies for getting buy-in from different stakeholders
– Clarify roles and responsibilities for implementing the solution
– Ensure strategic fit of your solution
– Create a timing plan for implementing your innovation
– Export your problem-solving thinking and planning to share with colleagues

Key features:

– Based on extensive research into effective creativity and innovation in organisations
– Highly interactive approach to help you structure your problem-solving
– Easy to use
– Inspire Me! Bolts throughout to help you think more analytically, creatively and strategically if you are stuck
– Each problem you address will have its own unique worksheet and you can use the site for lots of different problems
– Easy to share output

This complete approach can be applied in developing novel products, introducing new services, achieving cost savings or for the effective management of change in any type of organization.