Save Failed

Some users have reported seeing a ‘Save Failed’ message when clicking the save button. Your browser is trying to reach our server to send back the latest copy of the worksheet.

If you ever see the save button show ‘Save Failed’, try some of the following

  • Check your internet connection – open a new browser page and navigate to a large site, such as If it opens OK your internet connection is fine. If not, check your wifi connection or contact your IT support department.
  • Try a different browser – Clear Ideas should work identically across all browsers, but it’s worth trying a different browser to see if the problem goes away – if it does please let us know and we’ll investigate.

Worksheets wont load

Some users have reported seeing a ‘Loading Worksheets’ message that never goes away and their worksheets not appearing in the list.

This was due to an issue relating to worksheets containing quotes and / or backslashes ( \ ). We now believe that this issue has been fully resolved, but if this happens to you, please let us know.

Logging In

Forgotten password

If you can’t remember your password, just follow the ‘Lost password’ link on the Login page.

Clear Ideas will send you an email with a password reset link. Click the link, enter a new password and try to log in again.

Account has been locked

For security, your account will automatically be locked if there are more than 5 failed login attempts within an hour.

To enable you to unlock your account, the system will send you an email with an unlock link. Click the link and log in as usual.  Any locked accounts will also automatically be unlocked after 24 hours.