Since 2005, hundreds of people from around the world have taken part in our workshops, ranging from a one hour general introduction to a two-day workshop tailored to the needs of an individual organization. It has been used by large and small organizations in both the private and public sector.

Our evaluations consistently show significant improvements in the innovation competencies of participants and feedback is overwhelmingly positive.

98% of 181 participants surveyed over a three-year period agreed the model is a good way of dealing with problems.

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We offer bespoke workshops to help you train your staff as quickly as possible in the CLEAR IDEAS process

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Who has attended?

What did they think?

great structuring of a fascinating topic made very easy to understand

elegantly simple, draws together many ‘bits’ involved in the creative process at work and gives them a coherent logic

the whole module was excellent, linking theory with practice

well-structured and well-paced; there was a flow that connected each part

I think the strength of the workshops is the evidence-based practice which I think is a point to distinguish it from other consultancy fads

I have used my learning on a number of other projects and the process has become embedded into my approach to any situation